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The new student loan forgiveness announced by President Biden of the $10,000 and $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients is really only the surface of the great news around Student Loan Forgiveness!

I want to make sure you are completely aware of all the benefits that this new revamp of student loans is going to do for you!

This is what will be covered in the NEW Student Loan Forgiveness Masterclass:

1. Who qualifies for Student Loan Forgiveness

2. How you can possibly get around the $125,000 income threshold

3. What you need to do to get a refund for payments made

4. The NEW Income Based Repayment Program and how you benefit

5. PSLF waiver updates and what you need to do before the October 31st deadline

6. For Profit College Student Loan Forgiveness & options you have

7. New opportunity available to get out of default once the student loan pause ends

8. New opportunity for parent plus loans to get forgiven if qualifications met

9. Steps to take to keep student loan forgiveness from being reversed

10. How current college students benefit from the new student loan forgiveness

11. Different student loan forgiveness scenarios and how to make a decision on the steps to take

12. How to pay off private student loans quickly

13. What to do with your money to build wealth if your student loans are wiped out

14. What to do with your money to build wealth if you have student loans left

15. How to affect policy change with student loans and everything else


Oh and before I forget!!!!

THERE WILL BE A REPLAY!!! So if you can't make it live you can watch the replay!

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Kendrick from Best Smile Dental sharing his thoughts on the PSLF Masterclass!

What would you do if you no longer had student loan debt?

Would you finally buy that house you have always wanted?

Would you launch that business idea that has been sitting in your head?

Would you travel more or even invest in your future?

Whatever your "student loan free life" looks like there is no better time than today for that to be a possibility. As of today the government has forgiven more than $30 billion dollars of student loan debt!

And guess what?

They are far from done!

They have BILLIONS more to go!

The question is "will you be included in the forgiveness?"

Surprisingly many qualify for student loan forgiveness, but don't even know about it!

That reason alone is why I decided to do this 3 night student loan forgiveness Masterclass.

Each night I will cover a different group:

Night #1 PSLF Public Service Loan Forgiveness

If you work in public service (Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers, Government Workers, Military Personnel, Higher Education, Non-Profit, etc) then you could qualify for PSLF. And if you do qualify you only have until October 31st, 2022 to take advantage of the special exemptions that the Department of Education has in place.

This Masterclass is specifically designed for you to learn:

1. Differences between the Original PSLF vs. the Limited Opportunity PSLF

2.How if you were denied PSLF before how you could now be eligible and what you need to do

3. The process to apply for PSLF and what to expect

4. Who qualifies for PSLF now and who will qualify for it after October 31st, 2022

5. What to do if you have private student loans or if you have not reached 10 years with PSLF

6. Political shifts that could affect PSLF and student loans in general

7. Different money strategies if you have debt other than student loans or if you decide to leave the public sector

8. What could possibly happen when repayment starts August 31st 2022

Night #2 For Profit Colleges, Total and Permanent Disability Student Loan Forgiveness, Income Based Repayment

Night #2 is for three different groups! If you went to a for profit college that closed down on you then you may be eligible for student loan forgiveness. The same is true if you have been classified as Total and Permanent Disabled. The last group that will be discussed on this night will be those that are in the Income Based Repayment Program.

This Masterclass is designed for you to learn:

1. The program that the department of education has in place for those that went to now closed For Profit Colleges

2. Qualifications and walkthrough process for each of the three groups so that you understand what you need to do to potentially get your student loans forgiven or reduced

3. Student loan company changes that may affect who you make payments to in the future if you have other student loans that don't qualify

4. Political shifts that could affect student loan forgiveness and student loans in general

5. What to do if you have private student loans and different money strategies to pay them back as well as any other debt that you may have

Night #3 Everyone Else ($10,000 Student Loan Forgiveness)

You may have federal student loans, but you don't qualify for any of the other student loan forgiveness programs. During night #3 I will share with you the possibility of the Department of Education forgiving $10,000 of student loan debt per borrower.

This Masterclass is designed for you to learn:

1. What exactly is the $10,000 student loan forgiveness program through the department of education about

2. If and when the announcement is made what are the qualifications for someone to get the $10K student loan forgiveness

3. Political shifts that could affect student loan forgiveness and student loans in general ($10K vs $50K, Political Proposals moving through congress, etc)

4. Potential November election scenarios that could affect your student loans and personal economy

5. Money strategies to help you with debt other than federal student loans

As you can see these three nights will be packed with valuable information that could put you in position to eliminate all of your student loan debt or at least reduce it dramatically!

Since October 2021 I have been working with individuals who fit into the different categories above and here are some of the results!

$40,000 in student loan debt gone!

$50,000 gone!

$90,000 gone!

$140,000 gone!

I am going to tell like I told the people above who no longer have student loan debt. That some of these programs and their special qualification periods (PSLF) will end soon and I don't know if they will ever be this generous again. So if I were you I would find out what I need to know and do what it takes to take advantage of this opportunity.

These three Masterclasses will cover almost every student loan borrower with federal student loans and even if you have private student loans too I am going to give you money strategies to pay those off!

And guess what?

It is only $97!

You can come to the Masterclass that covers the group you fit in or you can come all three Masterclasses, the $97 covers them all!

So don't wait!

Watch the Masterclasses NOW!

All you have to do is buy the course and all the replays links, worksheet, graphics, etc are yours to watch at your convenience!


Your Instructor

JaNet C Adams
JaNet C Adams

Ja’Net Adams is an International speaker, author, and the CEO of EMACK Consulting, but when she was in college she let money rule her life. She graduated from South Carolina State University with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. A short time after graduation she found herself in nearly $50,000 of debt! She dug out of the debt in two years by following the principles that she now speaks about to audiences all around the world as a professional motivational speaker. She speaks around the world to various corporations, universities and high schools about Financial Literacy.

Ja’Net and her team help businesses take the next step in employee engagement. Their services and products help employees with their finances and as a result makes the employee more engaged at work. At Higher Education Institutions students use the information provided by Ja’Net to pay off student loan debt quickly after graduation and in turn participate in the economy earlier.

She recently released on Amazon her second book “The Money Attractor! Everyone’s Guide To Winning With Money So They Can Live Their Dreams!” Her first book was “Debt Sucks University: A College Student’s Guide To Winning With Money So They Can Live Their Dreams!” and her advice has been featured on BBC, CNBC, Huffington Post, Forbes, Black Enterprise Magazine, Good Morning America, Fox Business, JET Magazine,,, USA Today, USA Today College, and NPR’s Marketplace Money.

Course Curriculum

  Night #1 PSLF Masterclass
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  Night #2 For Profit Colleges, Total and Permanent Disability, and Income Based Repayment Masterclass
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  Night #3 Everyone Else ($10,000 Student Loan Forgiveness)
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  NEW Student Loan Forgiveness Masterclass: President Biden's Plan
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This course starts immediately!
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We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.
Which Masterclass should I watch?
You can watch the one with the group you fit in or you can watch all three. It is really up to you.

I can not stress enough the limited window that many student loan borrowers have to take advantage of partial or full student loan forgiveness.

The reason I am doing these masterclasses is because I would hate for people to miss out on tens of thousands of dollars in student loan forgiveness!

Get started now!