If your goal is to become financially free then this bundle is for you! In this bundle I show you have to pay off debt quickly and save money for any financial goals that you may have.

I paid off $50,000 of debt in two years and now working my way to building generational wealth!

There is over $300 worth of products in this bundle and the information inside will definitely put you on a path towards financial freedom!

How to start a business, how to pay off debt

Life & Business Course

Starting a business is not easy! In fact majority of people who start a business end up closing it in three years. I have been in business for nine years now and I know how important it is to start off the right way.

When you complete this course you will know how to:

1. To go from part time in your business to full-time

2. To start a business while also being a parent

3. What it takes to market your business effectively online and offline so that you make money

4. Run your business when you are married to a non-entrepreneur

5. MUCH MORE!!!!

In these videos I pull back the curtain on my business and give you an inside look around how I have been able to leave Corporate America and live my dreams for the last 10 years!

How to pay off debt, how to save money, how to spend less, how to buy a house, how to pay off student loans, how to start a business

8 Survey Sites That Pay You Money

Inside this course is eight (actually 14 because I keep adding to the list) different sites that I use to bring in easy money. I make $50, $75, $100, even $500 doing research and surveys multiple times a year. These surveys just want your opinion and they pay you money for it!

There are sites that pay you cash.

There are sites that pay you in gift cards.

There are sites that will help you find coupons across the internet!

These sites will help you bring in money to pay bills, pay down debt, buy things, and much more!


The second part of this course has my favorite ways to Travel Hack.

I save THOUSANDS of dollars every year on flights, hotels, and rental cars. Last year I found a flight from the New York to Paris for $250, but it was free for me because I used part of the $500 I received from doing a 4 hour research study.

Yeah you read that right.

I took four hours of my time in a research study to make $500 and use the money to fly to Paris for FREE!

how to save for an emergency fund, how to invest, how to raise your credit score

Get Your Money Right Bundle

In this bundle you get access to two different courses!

How To Create A Game Plan To Raise Your Credit Score and Bank Account

How To Make And Save $1000 In 45 Days Ebook And Webinar

How to make more money, how to create an emergency fund

Recession Proof Your Finances

The Recession Proof Your Finances MasterClass will show you how to build your finances in a way that when a recession or economic downturn comes it won't hurt you financially.

The benefits of investing in the Recession Proof Your Finances MasterClass:

1. You will know how to maximize your stimulus check or bonuses in the future so the money is not wasted

2. Learn the strategies to pay off your student loan debt faster

3. Know how the new unemployment benefits work and how while finding a new career you can still build wealth

4. Understand the ins and outs of the Paycheck Protection Program so that you can take advantage of it as an entrepreneur/ small business owner

5. You will understand where to put your money during this time so that you come out of this in a better financial position

6. The mortgage changes happening at banks so that you are prepared if you are looking to buy a home in the future

7. Learn basics of investing

8. How to capitalize on the trillions of dollars flowing into the economy

9. How you should be setting up generational wealth for your children

10. MUCH MORE!!!!!

Even with most of the free money from the government being gone this class will show you the mindset and strategies you need to move toward financial freedom.

how to save for an emergency fund, how to invest, how to raise your credit score

Hi, I’m Ja'Net Adams

I am an international speaker and author. I share with audiences around the world how I paid off $50,000 of debt in two years!

My goal for over ten years now is to help people financially reach their dreams. To help them get into position to do whatever they want to do in life.

My advice has been featured in Black Enterprise, NPR, Good Morning America, CNBC, Fox Business, USA Today, and much more!

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